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Social Media Management just being Simplify.

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How SMAX Fits To Your Business

Marketing Research

You, competitor and customer, analysis and gathering data access web to make holistic business decision.

Social Media Marketing

Scheduling your marketing champaign, and optimise social marketing plan.

Manage Brand Impression

Responding to resolving customer concern across all social networks, building relationship with your audience.

Measure ROI

Tracks mention, reach, and engagement. Creating next impactful post from pre-successor post .

Unified User Experience Across Social

Digital Marketing SMAXpert

Powerful Analytics

Monitor & listening audience say about your brand, and gathering information across web.

Research Tool

Discover right hashtag and influencer to market your brand increase your marketing ROI.

Scheduling & Publishing

Save time & planning content creation, intuitive workflows and powerful scheduling features all within SMAX platform.

Supported Platforms

Gather data together under one platform

No obligations

The demo account is free, for you to experience our platform

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What Happens Next?

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About this demo account?

  • This demo account allow manage three social channels 
  • Able to gather information reach, mention, and engagement 
  • Discover influencer in its industry
  • Preformance on posts engagement.
  • Direct posting of comment
  • Scheduling and publishing content
  • Research marketing champaign 
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